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Sales Planning and Representation

We design marketing programs for technical and medical products and services aimed at the computer distribution and physician marketplace, specializing in web-based advertising and mass marketing programs for lead generation as well as product imaging and branding. Marketing programs are coordinated with your web site and direct sales program. With 30 years of medical sales and computer experience we have extensive list of medical and distribution contacts.

Evergreen Ventures provides a unique set of skills combining sales experience in computer technology, software, and the physician marketplace. If you’re product line requires an independent sales organization with experience in all of these skills we would like to talk with you. We are selective in the products that we carry and require synergistic and a non-competitive line with products that we currently carry.


Evergreen Ventures is a Manufacturer’s Representative firm that specializes in marketing and sales for companies selling into the computer distribution, and physician marketplaces. We concentrate on long term, relationship selling within the segments. We generate marketing plans, sales training, product launch programs; and sales lead generation, tracking, and follow-up programs for small and mid-size companies. Programs include email marketing, social media, Internet advertising and web site optimization coordination with your marketing programs.

For more information on marketing services email evcorp@salesassoc.com