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Happy Veteran’s Day

This is a fun photo, the USS Robert K. Huntington, DD781 going  up the East River in New York City from the New York Bay to the Long Island Sound. When we went through the narrow section of “Hell Gate” people were standing on each side of the river gawking at the sight People were surprised to see a 376 foot long destroyer up close in a New York City river. The World Trade Centers were still under construction at that time and you can see a crane on top of the South Tower on the left of the photo. In the photo we are just entering the East River moving north and passing under the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Evergreen Ventures is a Manufacturer’s Representative firm that specializes in marketing and sales for companies selling into the computer distribution, and physician marketplaces. We concentrate on long term, relationship selling within the segments. We generate marketing plans, sales training, product launch programs; and sales lead generation, tracking, and follow-up programs for small and mid-size companies. Programs include email marketing, social media, Internet advertising and web site optimization coordination with your marketing programs.